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Douglas Coffee
Douglas Coffee
Douglas Coffee

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Every one of the beans I've sampled from Douglas Coffee Roasters has been excellent. I will literally, not figuratively, go to a grocer specifically for this coffee. I am a huge fan of the classic French Roast, and the Costa Rica Doka is a blonde fit for even the most discerning drinker.

Max Moffat

They work with my BnB and keep my guests happy with a wide variety of flavors. They encourage guests to come in and try first hand the different roasts. A few of my guests now receive their delivery service back home where they live. Love the convenience of their delivery program. No excuse to run out of coffee

Rebekah Hadley

Douglas coffee is hands down my favorite coffee. They have such rich, delicious flavors. It goes quick at my house, so I have to hide it from my husband. :) We have tired about 6 different varieties and haven't been disappointed yet.

Elise Pearce