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Can't decide on which coffee to get?

Here is our Sampler Pack, of Perfectly Ground, pre-portioned packs.

One bag of 2.5 oz. of each coffee.  This way you get to try a little before you buy a lot.  Notes: Black Currant, Orange, and Florals


A dark roast that highlights the rich flavor of caramelized sugar, thick molasses and dark chocolate.  Roasted in a way that will both satisfy and resonate.

This masterful non-GMO blend is made with medium-dark roasted Indian Cherry AA coffee and Brazilian beans, to provide you with sustainable, healthy energy throughout the day. 

Notes: 159 mg of CAFFEINE | 8 oz. of brewed coffee.

A blend of Central and South American beans, roasted medium, dark.  For a full body and rich flavor that finishes slightly smokey.  Great for an everyday coffee that makes you look forward to your coffee escape.

A balanced and smooth bean that has hints of apricot and tropical fruits.  An intense aroma of brown sugar and a lively, full body.  This is a coffee that gets your mouth watering.


Colombian coffee has a unique profile that true coffee drinkers have come to love.  Our Colombian coffee is roasted at a medium, dark to enhance the notes we love.  With the rich taste of pipe tobacco and a slight nutty undertone.